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Garage Door Repair – 5 Most Common Signs to Look out for a Garage Door Technician

A garage door is the face of your garage. If your garage door faces the street, it must have a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal. You tend not to worry about your garage door until something goes wrong! However, it’s easy to make sure that it works perfectly at all times by considering visual inspection every one week and lubricating the major parts every two month.

If you don’t have any idea about your garage door, here are a few common garage door problems. By considering below discussed facts, you’ll be able to identify the source of the problem and either fix it on your own or contact a garage door specialist to make necessary repairs right away.

1. If your Garage Door Opens or Closes with a Thud –

When your garage door opens or closes with an audible jerking or thud sound, it can be pinpointed to a very certain root cause. There are a few possible causes of these garage door problems:

If you own a 9 X 7 foot garage door, the torsion spring placed above the door that serves as a counterweight may be broken. If your garage door has an extension spring system – in which springs are present above the horizontal rails, one of the two springs may be broken.

If you’ve a 16 X 7 foot door – the more part of which utilize a torsion spring system, one of the two springs might be broken.

In addition to, one of the lifting cables is broken or on the verge of breaking.

2. If Your Garage Door has Come Off its Hinges –

Most of the time, a garage door become unhinged due to the unaligned tracking system or the screws within the system loose with use. If the panels of the garage door are completely detached or have fallen, you should call a professional for immediate help. Though it can be a bit dangerous task, a trained technician can able to fix the issues properly.

3. If the Garage Door Opens or Sometimes Doesn’t –

If your garage door opens or sometimes it doesn’t, remember that it’s due to below discussed reasons:

The battery of your remote is dead.

Another possibility is that if your garage door opener manufactured before 1993 or one of your neighbors might have the same type of device (using the same wave frequency and the same transmission code).

4. If Your Garage Door Goes Down a Little and Goes Back Up Suddenly While Closing –

More often, if you’ve an automatic photoelectric backup system with sensor units located on each side of the door – which is 5-6 inches from the floor, the units might be misaligned.

You’ll find a button on every garage door opener to adjust the sensitivity of the motor when the door closes down.

5. If Your Garage Door’s Power Outage.

Oh yeah, power outage happens sometimes. If you come back from shopping groceries and find that your garage door doesn’t open when pushing the button on your remote, there might be a power failure in your neighborhood.

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