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Know More About Common Garage Door Repair Issues, and The Price to Fix It

When it comes to Commercial garage door installation, replacement, or repair, a plethora of questions may arise in your mind. Many people express concerns over several issues that appear on their commercial garage door. Do you wish to repair or replace or fix any issue that appears on your garage door? You probably have questions to know about the root of the problem, who will fix it & what will be the cost to resolve the issues! We explain a few frequently asked questions about the commercial garage door repair or replacement service as below.

What will be the cost to repair the garage door?

The national average price for repairing the door is $200 to $250. You can expect to pay anywhere between $150 to $350. If you are lucky, you can get the low-end price of $75 as well, but you should be remaining careful in such a situation. The high-end cost can be going to $600 as well. All such expenses are basically based on the nature of the garage door’s damage, its types & size and the parts needed. The price may vary due to the nature of the complication relates to the garage door mechanical parts as well.

Virginia Commercial Garage Doors

What will be the price of the garage door wheels?

Wheels vary in price, and it is based on the packet or brand & quality you wish to procure. A pack of two will usually cost you anywhere between $5 and $8. A ten-pack wheel packet will cost you around $15 to $20. It will be a little bit high if the quality is better than others in the competition. However, prices don’t always reveal the quality as some wheels offer less for more and have unfavorable reviews!

What will be the cost of repairing the garage door spring?

The spring repairing price will not vary by wide margins. The average repair price is $150 to $180 for both the spring. It could be just $10 to $20 more on the high-end side. The quoted price for a low-end spring repair can be $100, and it will probably be for the labor cost. You need to buy a pair of springs yourself, which will cost you around $20 and $30.

What will be the price to replace the garage door?

If the repairs can’t retrieve a door, then it’s time to plan for the commercial garage door replacement. Surely it will cost you a bit more. The price for a door replacement can be between $750 to $1,500. If you go for the high-end metal commercial garage door, then it will cost you around $2,000 to $2,500 or even more. We can provide you the best quality commercial garage door based on your need and budget.

What will be the charge to replace the cable?

Quick garage door movement happens due to fault or broken garage door cables. The garage door cables are usually inexpensive. It is the labor that will cost that you need to pay. In such a situation, the average cost could be anywhere from $130 to $170.

What is the reason that disrupts the garage door function?

There are numerous reasons that could describe why the commercial garage door is not opening. It may happen due to broken or loose cables. Broken springs, interruption in the power source can also be the reason that pauses your garage door operation. Damaged track or miss-aligned safety-eye can be the reason that creates several issues. Our expert garage door team in Virginia deal with several garage door problems every day and have vast experience to solve your garage door issues on our first visit.

These are the few most frequently asked questions that people have in their minds. We hope the brief answers will help you and the tools for your quiries. If you have any garage door issues, then have trust on Virginia Garage Door Solution. We will be pleased with our service!

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