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The perfect garage door service to upkeep the garage door functioning

The perfect garage doors are the key to enhancing your home’s entire look and adding curb appeal to your property. But often, it is a forgotten part of your home when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. We sometimes only realize how vital our garage door is to us when it breaks. Depending on the situation or part of the door broke; you may have a costly fix on your hands. However, there is one way of reducing the costs of garage door repairs and maintenance. It is relying on our garage door repair or replacement or installation service in Fairfax.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why your garage door opener is slow and how to fix a slow-moving garage door.

Garage doors are always under heavy lifting pressure, which means it will eventually need maintenance and repairs to remain in its complete working condition. How do you recognize your garage door needs service? One of the revealing signs is that it takes longer to open and close. How long should it usually take for a garage door to open and close? Most garage doors complete its opening and closing cycle within 12 to 15 seconds. If you find that it takes closer to 20 seconds or even more to operate, it’s time to get the door checked.

Many parts of your garage doors have to work overtime during the opening and closing cycles, and professional garage door service helps to extend it smooth running for longer. With the regular and rigorous use of the garage door pulleys, wheels or belts become worn, and springs can lose its tension. It will slow down its operating speed or making an unwanted sound or sometimes stops functioning.

If you’re wondering how to fix a slow-moving garage door or damaged parts, the most common slow opening garage door fix is lubrication. Basically, we start the job by lubricating all tracks, brackets, and hinges. Once we thoroughly lubricate the parts, we check to find the door operating smoothly or moving faster. The latest garage door models have speed setting controls. If your door has these control features, we ensure it adjusted in the way that noticeably makes your garage door run smoother.

If the lubrication or speeds control setting fix the garage door issues?  Then it’s time to call our garage door professionals, to check the mechanical parts like door’s pulleys and springs to check if there a more complicated issue that needs special care or replacement. It’s never been a good idea for a homeowner to get into this intensive and unsafe maintenance and repair tasks. Most garage doors operate under a massive amount of tension, and its mechanical parts are hazardous to deal with. It requires specialized skill, knowledge and expertise to maintain and repair it safely and effectively.

At Virginia Garage Doors, we keep genuine garage door products as well as maintenance and repair services. We comprehend with the fact regarding the importance of garage door and its role in your day-to-day lifestyle. Our expert and skilled technicians can quickly identify the issues related to your garage door or any mechanical parts that cause the garage door to operate slowly. We can also make recommendations for how to correct the problems as well.

The health, hygiene, and safety of our customers and team members is our top priority. During this uncertain time, we want to remind our customers about it. We are committed to our job and take the best precautions to slow down the spreading of infection. We are dedicated to our situation and assist in keeping our business open to serve our customers during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. To do this, we need to meet the social distancing, proper safety practices, and cleanliness requirements before and after each job. Also, please note some appointments are taking longer than expected. We express regret for the inconvenience if we are running late! We will try to work as per arrangement or scheduled times and communicate with our clients in the event we are running late.

We proudly serve our clients in Fairfax-Station-VA. For all the garage door needs in Fairfax, trust the team and the experience that you’ll find at Virginia Garage Doors. We will remain completely operational during this time, including emergency after-hour services. We are looking forward to serving our clients in Fairfax. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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