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The security tips for your garage door in Fairfax

Garage doors are incredibly convenient. However, if you do not adequately secure the garage door in Fairfax that you have from us at Virginia Garage Door, it can be an ideal target for thieves. We can help you with installation, repairing and maintaining the garage door so that you can have proper security for the door.

So, you may be thinking about what the security measures are for the garage door. We share the security tips so that you can keep your house safe.

Hide the opener

It is always best to keep the garage door opener out of sight. We tend to keep the garage door remote in our cars, but buglers can break into the car for the remote. They can take the remote and have a look at the insurance slip to know where you stay. So, they have the remote and the address and nothing can stop them from entering the house through the garage door. Therefore, when you are out with the garage door, do hide it somewhere in the car where thieves cannot find it.

Change codes frequently

It is best to keep garage door codes secure. It is also best to change the codes at a regular interval. You can set a calendar alarm like you can change the code every six months and remember the time of change. Frequent changing of the garage door code will help you to enhance the security of the door. We can help you to change the code when you wish so.

Frequent inspection of the door

You need to have a frequent inspection of the garage door done by professionals by us. We will have a look at the cracks in windows and gaps in the weather strips. These cracks and strips are ideal for buglers to have entry inside your house. While we do such inspection, if we notice other faults which may lead to costly repairs or malfunctioning of the door, we repair those. When you have our services, you have a fully functional garage door and do not have any security laps in the door.

Have a side lock

You can install a sidelock that you can use when you are away from your house for an extended period. Buglers cannot open these locks using a remote. They need to open it manually, which is time-consuming. If thieves notice such locks, they will avoid trying to enter such garages.

Add motion-sensitive lights

You can add motion-sensitive light just above the garage door. As the garage door opens, the light goes on. When a thief tries to enter such a garage door, the light will force them away.

We at Virginia Garage Door can help you with any assistance you require with your garage door in Fairfax. Having our services and maintaining these security tips, you can have a secure garage door offering full security to your house.

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