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Top Reasons to Replace your Old Garage Door Opener

Are you irritated by the unwanted garage door noise when it is operated? Do you know the reason that causes the loud noise while opening or closing the garage door? It is found that most of the homeowners in Virginia do not care about the largest moving piece- garage door’s maintenance neither have any kind of idea of the garage door parts. In this case, it becomes important to gain a good knowledge about the garage door opener that makes it convenient in opening or closing the garage door.

Normally the garage door openers need to be maintained on a routine basis that improves the functionality and enhances longevity. Before going for the replacement, you must be aware about the different types of garage door openers, such as:

  • Chain Drive Openers: This type of door opener is most popular and economical, which is available in a combination of chain and steel cable.

  • Belt Drive Openers: This type of door opener is best for enjoying quiet operations. The belt drive garage door opener is made from rubber reinforced with metal wires, which delivers a smooth functionality.

  • Screw Drive Openers: This type of door opener rotates a threaded steel rod that moves the trolley and results in opening or closing the garage door.

Let us now discuss about the top reasons to replace your old or worn out garage door opener:

1. Noise Issues:

At times, it can be embarrassing to have a noisy garage door opener that’s not only irritates you, but also disturbs everyone from your family members to the neighbors. If you are dealing with a noise issue during the garage door operation, then it is the right time to invest in a new door opener to replace it with the old one. This will help you enjoy an ultra-smooth and quiet garage door operation.

2. Safety Concern:

Since 1993, it has become essential that the garage door operating systems should have a safety reversing mechanism. This type of mechanism is designed for the garage doors to reverse the door immediately if any object like a child or pet crosses the light beam (which is created by sensors while the door is closing). In case your current garage door opener is not equipped with this safety technology, then you must change the old one as soon as possible.

3. Battery Backup:

Nothing can be worse and frustrating when your car in the garage is locked during a power outage. In this case, investing on a new garage door opener, which has a battery backup system will offer you a great level of convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

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