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Why and when the garage door needs professional service

Most people in Mclean VA will like to service their garage door when it shows signs of weakness or when something breaks or irritates the sound. Unfortunately, it is a hazardous approach that can end up with hefty expenses in the long run. Like other mechanical devices, garage doors experience wear and tear. The worse or a malfunctioning garage door can pose a safety hazard that puts you and your family at risk. Therefore, it is relevant to check it regularly with our professional garage door repair in Mclean VA right away.

How often does a garage door require professional service?

We, the garage door professional in Mclean VA, feel that it is best to service your garage door at least twice a year. However, you can also incorporate your simple routine and preventive maintenance such as lubricating areas of the door, and tightening bolts and screws. Still, it is imperative to have a professional garage professional that can check your garage door at regular intervals. Consider the following while planning to service your garage door:

When to Service

For complete assurance, you should conduct the garage door service at least twice a year. Also, make sure that one of them should occur in the fall season. It will help you prepare for the cold winter temperatures and snow. Please do it again during the early spring when temperatures and moisture levels have improved.

Rollers & Hinges

Rollers and hinges must be in perfect shape to make the garage door give their best performance. These are the vital parts that are prone to splitting and cracking! Therefore, they should be checked, repaired, or replaced regularly. It ensures your garage door remains secure for longer.

Balance the Door

Do you observe that your garage door is halfway open and moving up and down? It is a clear sign that the torsion spring needs certain adjustments. Most springs tend to break when they are old or due to the drastic change in temperature during the winter. You can request us for an assistant, and our professional repair technician will fix it as soon as possible.


Do you here unusual squeaking sound while operating your garage door? It means your garage door need proper lubrication. We can lubricate all mechanical moving parts with a non-greasy, silicone-based garage door lubricant. Also, we open up the motor and lubricate all of the nylon parts and especially the drive gear, and lubricate it properly. We pay special attention to hinges, rollers, and springs, especially during winter, as these objects require more lubrication during cold months.

Bottom Seal & Weather seal

The bottom seal or the weather seal needs to be replaced based on its position. It is not required if the garage door does not have gaps that allow air and light to enter. If you notice these occurrences, it might the time to add the bottom seal.

It is almost vital to have your garage door serviced by a professional twice a year. Your routine checkup will make you aware of the garage door problems so that you can call us immediately. When you contact our garage door professionals in Mclean VA, we will come to your home conveniently. We will test the door to ensure it opens and closes properly. We perform a series of troubleshooting steps to detect possible signs of trouble and a comprehensive inspection of essential components like the springs, rollers, and cables. Additionally, we will tighten the loose nuts, bolts, cables, etc. as needed. We lubricate of all moving parts to facilitate smooth function and prevent premature wear, too.

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