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Are you confused about purchasing a new garage door? Garage door prices, Springfield technicians say depend on a variety of factors. One has to map the area, decide on the type of garage door and most importantly the make and the company that you are looking for. A brand new 16’x7′ will approximately cost in the range of $250-$500 excluding installation. It is essential to factor in installation cost in order to arrive at the garage door prices. Springfield based companies help you fetch an exact estimate if your requirements are detailed.

Automatic garage door Springfield

One of the major criterion that will decide the price is the type of garage door you choose-automatic or manual. The prices differ based on the type as it involves because of the number of garage door parts. Springfield based companies say that the parts used are different in each type and hence the fluctuation in prices are observed. Installing the garage door is easy as it comes with an instruction manual. Another factor for a rise in the garage door prices, Springfield technicians believe is the material used- steel, wood or aluminum. Every garage door material has its own merits and demerits. Garage doors made of wood and aluminum are long lasting, and don’t dent easily.

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